WHAT IS THE FEED THE KIDS FUND? The Feed the Kids Fund is a safety net for K-12 students that do not have sufficient funds in their accounts to cover the cost of school meals and who don’t qualify for meal benefits. This program saves children the embarrassment of not having money to pay for their meals. This program was established to be a temporary solution until other
arrangements can be made to assist the child and family on a more permanent basis.

As unfortunate as it is there are children who go hungry, even in this community. Parents may find themselves in situations that are beyond their control (such as medical problems, unemployment, or family difficulties) and this program will minimize the affect on the children due to these circumstances. Specifically the kids will be provided with nutritious meals. We know kids do better in school if they are well nourished.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Funds are available to provide K-12 students with a nutritious lunch when the need has been identified by the principal, teacher, or other staff member. Before the Feed the Kids funds can be accessed, a referral application must be completed and approved by the School Nutrition Office.

HOW CAN I CONTRIBUTE TO THE FEED THE KIDS FUND? Donations are needed and accepted year round from individuals or groups. Contributions should be mailed to the School Nutrition Office at 903 Gilmore Avenue, Winona, MN and checks made payable to Winona Area Public Schools Feed the Kids Fund.

HISTORY The goal of the WAPS School Nutrition Program is to help kids make healthy life-long food choices. Kids who eat nutritious meals perform better in all aspects of their lives. The National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs have been providing healthy lunches to students for more than 50 years. We are committed to providing menus with a wide variety of foods that are lower in fat and sodium with moderate amounts of sugar.
The United States Department of Agriculture regulations require that our menus comply with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Lunch menus over a school week contain no more that 30 percent of calories from fat. Parents can be assured that their children are receiving a delicious and nutritious meal when they eat with us in the Winona Area Public School cafeterias.

Over 40 child nutrition professionals promote healthy school meals for our students each day.


Contact: Jennifer Walters - School Nutrition Director