The stakeholders of Winona Area Public Schools (WAPS) recognize that the Certified Teachers and Staff working with students are its most valuable assets. They are committed to a process of maintaining excellence which has been a trademark of the district.
The purpose of this Professional Development and Evaluation Plan is to provide a comprehensive system of evaluation and individualized professional development that will result in continuous growth and improvement. Evaluations are designed to develop, improve, and support qualified teachers, effective teaching practices and improve student learning and success.
The evaluation process will:
  • Provide timely feedback on performance.
  • Provide support for improvement efforts and professional growth.
  • Promote positive, collegial relationships between colleagues.
  • Promote positive, collegial relationships between certified staff and administrators.
  • Promote a positive relationship between certified staff and parents.
  • Ensure standards for effective performance are met.
  • Provide a fair and effective process to recognize and respond to performance deficiencies.
Click the link below to view the WAPS Professional Development and Evaluation Document approved by the WAPS Board of Education in December 2015