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WAPS student Nate Dennis Qualifies for the National History Bee
The National History Bee is designed to motivate students to study for history and offers an exciting academic competition. Unlike other "Bees" that have only the top competitor moving on to the next round, the History Bee is all based upon scores. The first stage is the Classroom stage; Nate took the online test in December at the Middle School and scored enough points to make it to second stage, the Regional History Bee.  At the Regional History Bee, which includes Minnesota, North and South Dakota, and parts of Wisconsin, Nate competed in four rounds at the elementary level (4th - 6th grade).  
Two rounds (one on American History and the other, World History) were "buzzer" rounds. He competed against five other students in those rounds, earning points for answering questions correctly (maximum of 8 pts, with bonus points awarded to how quickly you reach the 8 correct answers). He did very well since the maximum score you could earn in a buzzer round was 25 points and he earned 22 points each round.
The other two rounds were written tests on American History and World History.
Nate scored enough points in the four rounds to qualify for the third and final stage, the National History Bee. His score also allowed him to be in the top 8 of elementary competitors (more than the top 8 qualified for Nationals).  Being in the top 8, he competed in the Regional Championship buzzer round.  He was able to get 2 correct answers in before the eventual winner got his 8 answers. 
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