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Spring is here and baby chicks are hatching at W-K Elementary!
W-K kindergarten teachers Mrs. Kulzer and Mrs. Allington have fostered a love for learning through play this year in the kindergarten playroom. This room has a changing dramatic play theme each month and April’s theme is farming.

Winona State University Physics department along with student teachers, Abigial Grenon and Ashley Sim provided the playroom with an incubator, 41 chicken eggs, instructions and emotional support for how to hatch the eggs.

The students incorporated math skills of counting back from 20 as the eggs are incubated for 20 days. This week they focused all about eggs and what hatches from them. They received a big surprise at 10:15 a.m. on April 12, 2017 as Baby Herky had hatched!

W-K students K-4 have been eagerly anticipating the hatching and are EGG-CITED to watch Baby Herky and wait for the others to hatch. Once all baby chicks are hatched, they will be re-homed to the Moore Family Farm.

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