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Congratulations to all FFA Award Winners!
The 73 rd Annual Winona FFA Awards Banquet was held on Tuesday, April 11, at Winona Senior High School. Over 200 parents, guests and members were present. Winona FFA President, Amanda McNally, was master of ceremonies. Winona FFA Advisor, Brian Sather, recognized the chapter’s most outstanding members with awards based on their leadership skills, chapter involvement, and individual projects. The star member awards were presented to the chapter’s most outstanding members. The Star Senior Awards went to Courtney Schams, daughter of Steve and Sarah Schams and Amanda McNally, daughter of Jim and Stacy McNally. Star Junior Awards went to Tyffanie Denzer, daughter of Eric and Wendy Denzer and Trinity Hugunin, daughter of Amy and Mark Hugunin. Star Discovery Degree Awards went to Trentton Denzer, son of Eri and Wendy Denzer, Bailey Harris, daughter of Judy and Greg Denzer, and Correy Schams son of Steve and Sarah Schams. Amanda McNally was recognized as being the chapter’s most active senior female member when she was named “Chapter Sweetheart”. McNally was also awarded the Retiring Presidents Plaque for serving as 2016-17 Winona FFA President. Hannah Aldinger, daughter of Roger and Teresa Aldinger was awarded a Retiring Senior Plaque.

The Winona FFA recognized the top individuals on each contest team with a plaque. These winners were Courtney Schams for Floriculture Team; Trentton Denzer for Best Informed Greenhand &Top Talent Act; Trinity Hugunin for Top Public Speaker, Top Talent Act & Top Landscape & Nursery; Kayla Drache for Top Scrapbook; Tyffanie Denzer for Top Extemporaneous Speaker & Top Talent Act. The first degree membership in the FFA is the Discovery Degree. This degree was awarded to Brailey Davis, Makenzie Drache, and Mya Linville. The second degree is the Greenhand Degree. This degree was awarded to Jami Bernadot, Bailey Harris, Ellie Linville and Correy Schams.

The Prestigious MN State FFA Degree Plaque & chain were awarded to Amanda McNally and Courtney Schams. The Winona FFA Gave honorary memberships to community members who have been active supporters of the chapter. This year’s awards went to Culvers of Winona, Jeff and Jean Bronk, Lauren Cowell, Ms. Jolene Danca, Freddy Frickson and Lance and Lori Miller.

The 19 th Annual Roger Metz Pitch-fork awards were presented by Mr. Jeff Metz to active FFA Supporters who had already received the honorary degree. The winners were Jim McNally and Steve and Sarah Schams . The Banquet was put on by the 2016-17 Winona FFA Officer Team with a guest presentation by the Winona FFA Alumni President, Roger Aldinger. Winona FFA President, Amanda McNally, delivered her retiring address. The Flag Bearers were Trentton Denzer and Allison Keller and Kathie Erdmann made her 10 th Annual Winona FFA Quilt that was auctioned off by Freddy Frickson to support the Winona FFA.

The Winona FFA Alumni Awarded Scholarshps to the following FFA Members; 8 th Grade FFA Jacket to Trentton Denzer; the Kenny Mueller Memorial Scholarship to Hannah Aldinger; the Mike Rumpca Memorial Scholarship to Courtney Schams; and the Eugene Marg Scholarship to Amanda McNally. Chapter Power Point Presentations were presented by Tyffanie Denzer and Courtney Schams.

Major Award Winners: (L to R) Tyffanie Denzer, Trentton Denzer, Amanda McNally, Bailey Harris, Trinity Hugunin, Courtney Schams, Correy Schams.

Career Development Event Winners: (L to R) front: Kayla Drache, Hannah Aldinger, (back) Trentton Denzer, Tyffanie Denzer, Amanda McNally, Trinity Hugunin, Courtney Schams

Chapter Degree Winners: (L to R) Tyffanie Denzer, Bailey Harris, Melonie Harris, Laceylyn Merchlewitz, Trinity Hugunin, Ellie Linville, Amanda McNally, Mya Linville, Courtney Schams, Makenzie Drache, Correy Schams, Brailey Davis. (Missing from photo – Jami Bernadot)

Scholarship Winners: (L to R) Trentton Denzer, Amanda McNally, Hannah Aldinger, Courtney Schams.

Honorary Degree Winners: (L to R) Roger Aldinger, Mike Minter, Ellen Minter, Steve Schams, Sarah Schams, Jim McNally. (Missing from Photo – Jeff & Jean Bronk, Lauren Cowell, Jolene Danca, Freddy Frickson, Lance & Lori Miller)